Forest Ranger Discovers Mysterious Cabin In Woods, Decides To Take A Closer Look (Photos)

Forest Rangers Find Home

While marking trees to be harvested for the first time in 20 years, a forest ranger reportedly stumbled across a mysterious and quite creepy cabin.

Mark Andre, the Environmental Services director in Arcata, California, was marking trees in July 2015 when he saw something out of place between the trees, Mad River Union reports.

“I didn’t see it until I was 12 feet from it,” Andre said. “It’s in the perfect out-of-the-way spot where it wouldn’t be detected.”

The cabin was about 8 by 12 feet and about 15 feet tall. There were no trails leading to the home and no environmental abuse typically associated with forest campsites.

The cabin was set up on concrete blocks with a small porch, windows and walls of plywood covered with brown tarps. Most of the cabin was concealed by forest materials, which made the cabin nearly undetectable unless you stepped nearby.

An Environmental Services team later went to investigate the cabin, since building on public property is illegal, and ended up finding something strange inside.

On the inside, the windows had been concealed to release as little light as possible. The cabin also contained a multitude of books and an old typewriter. Canned food with a list that dated things back to 2011 was also found. A newspaper from March 2015 was also found being used as kindling in the stove.

The ES team then posted an eviction notice on the front door along with contact information.

A month later, in August 2015, the ES team returned to the cabin and found the place to be a bit disheveled, since the occupant had clearly started to move out, according to a separate article from the Mad River Union. Still, there were no trails indicating someone had been there. Less than two weeks later, the cabin had entirely disappeared.

“That’s the cleanest camp cleanup I’ve ever seen,” Michael McDowall, a natural resources technician, told the Mad River Union in a third article. “There wasn’t a nail, not even a hum wrapper left behind.”

The resident, however, did leave behind the international symbol of “squatter” in charcoal on the ground.

To this day, the ES team has yet to identify the mysterious resident in the cabin.

Sources: Mad River Union (2) (3) / Photo Credit: KLH/Union, City of Arcata via Mad River Union

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