Man Makes Completely Unexpected Discovery In Storage Unit (Video)


A video of the “best storage auction find ever” has made its way around the internet again, as its owners reportedly found more than $26,000 inside the locker (video below).

As a self-proclaimed "storage auction pirate," David Michael De Haas of Life’s Liquidations admits that working in the storage unit industry is "not for the faint at heart." There are many highs and lows in his line of work, as it largely consists of "buying ones life" and "selling off the memories," according to the About page of the Storage Auction Pirate YouTube channel.

"There is a unlimited possibility of the potential of what may lie tucked in your estate," states the official Life’s Liquidations website.

Although the storage units he buys do contain potentially valuable items at times, finding thousands of dollars inside a unit is relatively rare, as that fateful day in 2012 was the "greatest day [he’s] had in this business," as he wrote on his Facebook profile.

The find originally started at J. Michael’s Auction, where several units were auctioned. To prevent one of his competitors from purchasing the unit, De Haas decided to bid on it, which turned out to be one of the best decisions of his storage auction career.

"I only bought this unit because baldylocks was bidding and didn’t want him to have," he wrote in the video description on YouTube. "He knows who he is, so he’ll remain as I named him. He was shining his flashlight in my eyes from back of line as I was looking before bidding."

He found a safe inside the storage unit and decided to get out his camera and start recording. Although he originally said he recorded the incident “to show how safes found in storage units are empty,” he received a welcome surprise when he found $26,420 inside the safe.

"Was best day of life work wise, gave my partner 12,500 and i took 12,500 paid for unit with rest and few other odds and ends," he explained.

According to the video's description, De Haas filed taxes on his findings.

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