Man Realizes What Caused Red Bumps All Over GF's Body, Takes Out Phone And Starts Recording (Video)

Bed Bugs

A California man filmed a shocking clip that revealed a major bed bug infestation at a New York hotel (video below). 

The video, shared by Long Beach resident Elgin Ozlen on YouTube, was filmed at the Astor On The Park hotel in Manhattan, according to Daily Mail. It begins with Ozlen showing several things wrong with their room, including a broken heater and nonworking power outlets. He then begins to reveal another major problem.

“I noticed today my girlfriend's arms, and side and stomach, in a full rash, from what I assumed came from outside,” he says. “But really, it came from this bed.”

Ozlen then flips the mattress over to show several clumps of black bed bugs crawling around. 


“Another one there, another one there, another one there,” he says. “I don't have time to show you them all, but this is no joke. We're not staying in the Bronx, we're not staying in Brooklyn, we're not staying in Queens. This is Manhattan.”

He then begins to touch the bugs with a pen, prompting them to crawl around rapidly across the mattress.


“Look at this, an infestation where my girlfriend slept last night,” he says. “I can't believe it. They're everywhere on the bed.”

Ozlen then goes into the bathroom and films his girlfriend as she examines several areas of her body where she was bitten by bed bugs. Huge bites can be seen on her arms, stomach, and back.


The hotel has received its fair share of negative reviews in the past, with others detailing similar situations with bed bug infestations and unpleasant experiences.

Reviews of bed bugs at the hotel go as far back as 2011, according to Daily Mail, when an Australian man said he was “eaten alive” by bed bugs — causing his arm to look like it was “diseased.”

Another review of the hotel called it the “most disgusting place.” 

Astor On The Park has yet to comment on the video, which quickly went viral after it was originally shared.

Sources: Daily MailYouTube / Photo credit: Daily Mail 

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