Guy's Controversial Hunting Picture Sparks Debate (Photo)


Kansas hunter Chuck Rorie was baffled when he shot what he thought was a buck, only to discover that he’d targeted a doe with eight-point antlers.

“I didn’t think much about it; it just looked like a nice buck when I was watching it and shot it,” Rorie said. “But when I was skinning it I realized something didn’t look right. It didn’t have the right private parts.”

Rorie whispered his observation to his father, since he didn’t want to sound like “some dummy” – however, Rorie’s father was just as surprised.

Rorie’s prize weighed in at 225 pounds with eight points and a score of 114 7/8. Although he’s hunted since age 10, he said he’s never seen anything like the doe before.

In hindsight, Rorie said he should have noticed that the doe’s neck wasn’t swollen, which is a sign of a buck ready for breeding. Rorie said the doe wasn’t chasing the other deer, which also should have been a sign of the doe’s gender.

According to Missouri biologist Grant Woods, around one in 10,000 doe have antlers. Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism secretary Keith Sexson, however, reported that no more than 15 antlered does in Kansas have made an appearance in the state in the last 46 years.

Woods explained that does with antlers simply have higher amounts of testosterone in their bodies than other does, though normally in low amounts. He also noted that the extra dosage of testosterone occurs in most species of mammals.

“Excessive testosterone is why some women have more facial hair than others,” Woods said. “In deer, that’s expressed in antler growth.”

Rorie reported that he will have the doe mounted so he can tell everyone the unusual story.

Sources: The Wichita EagleKWCH / Photo Credit: The Wichita Eagle, KWCH

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