Baby Hospitalized After Doctors Finally Realize Her Blister Isn't Really A Blister


A mother says it was horrible to see her toddler daughter in pain after what appeared to be a blister on her leg tripled in size over the course of two days.

Toddler Ella Williamson was rushed to hospital by her mother, Bobbie-Louise Willis, 24, in March after a blister on her leg that at first appeared insignificant grew rapidly, the Huffington Post U.K. reports.

“It was the worst time of my life. I thought something was eating her from the inside. It just kept getting bigger,” Willis said, recalling the three days in March when Ella’s blister expanded to eight inches in diameter.

“She wouldn't let me touch it," Willis added, according to the Huffington Post U.K. "So she must have been suffering in pain. I would hate to see anyone go through what she went through."

Willis first took Ella to the hospital on March 23, after the blister had doubled in size since the previous day.

“She was given antibiotics and sent home, but the day after it had tripled in size and looked like her leg was being eaten away,” Willis said.

“I took her back to hospital as she was being sick and was really poorly. I was very worried, at first I thought it might be meningitis, so horrible thoughts were going through my head,” she added. “We waited for a skin specialist, who said it was a false widow spider bite.”

Ella was transferred to another hospital and given strong antibiotics. The scabbing on her leg only began to heal after a month, and it took three months until her skin returned to normal.

“She couldn't walk and had to be carried everywhere. It was horrible to see my daughter in that way,” Willis said.

As the news broke, officials warned people in Britain to expect greater numbers of false widows to appear inside their homes in the coming months, MadWorldNews reported.

Due to the cold weather, many of the spiders will seek shelter in houses, where they often live in dark corners, garages, porches or lofts.

Sources: MadWorldNewsHuffington Post

Photo credit: Flickr/Ian Burt, Flickr/Martin Cooper

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