Woman Gets Eaten By Her Own Dogs

A 61-year-old woman died and lay in her home for days until her dogs reportedly ate parts of her body.

Reports say that 61-year-old Noelle Baynham was found dead in her home by a friend days after she died. The friend was horrified to discover that the woman’s Jack Russell Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier had completely ripped apart her body.

“I could not look at her for long, so I just came away and called 999,” the friend said, describing what she saw as “the most horrifying thing I have ever seen.”

According to reports, Baynham was bipolar and an alcoholic, so, although an official cause of death is unknown, medical examiners believe that it could have been a “combined effect” of a number of different drugs inside of her.

“The horrific element in this case is what happened after death rather than before, and it’s entirely plausible that when there are dogs in the house with no one to care for them, that they will then start to eat her remains,” said coroner Graham Stroke, adding that the woman could potentially have had a stroke. An official cause of death could not be determined because the dogs ate through her organs.

Sources: Daily MailThe Daily Mirror / Photo Source: The Daily Mirror

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