Nurse Makes Horrific Discovery In Girl's Backpack, Immediately Dials 911

Police in Syracuse, New York, are investigating the case of a baby who was found dead inside a bag after being left in the nurse’s office of a local high school.

According to reports, the baby’s mother, a student at Nottingham High School, dropped the bag off at the nurse’s office on May 11 at around 10 a.m. and asked the nurse to look after it. The nurse eventually looked inside the bag after smelling something foul and discovered the body.

Authorities determined the baby was dead before the mother brought the bag to school. A cause of death, according to Syracuse Chief of Police Frank Fowler, has yet to be determined.

“This is a very delicate situation,” Fowler said. “We're talking about the fact that a young lady who attends school and belongs at this school has given birth and we're talking about the fact that this baby is deceased. This is a medical issue. It's a very sensitive subject. We had to take our time with this to protect this young lady's rights in this situation." reported that, according to school district spokesman Michael Henesey, district and Nottingham High officials waited two days before informing parents, students and the public about the incident, ultimately deferring to police when it came to releasing information.

“When there's an active investigation, we defer to them before giving out any type of information,” Henesey said. Fowler said the decision to wait on releasing details was made to protect the privacy of those involved.

“If we rewind the tape to the point where the young lady is just having a baby and the baby is deceased, then all of those privacy rights under those same circumstances are still intact for this young lady,” he said. “Those are things that we still take into consideration in our investigation and reporting out to you all. That's why we took the time that we did, to make sure that we kept those rights intact."

Sources: Syracuse.comMy Fox NY

Photo Credit: Syracuse School District via My Fox NY

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