Clinton Fans Can Buy Their Own 'Woman Card'

Hillary Clinton testifies to House Select Committee on Benghazi

Responding to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's comments that she is playing "the woman card," Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton is now offering supporters one of their own in exchange for donations.

For a nominal fee, Clinton supporters can have their very own pink card that says "Woman Card" in bright orange letters, complete with the Democratic front runner's logo and the phrase "Deal me in," an expression she used to respond to Trump's accusations, USA Today reports.

"We've been hearing from supporters all over the country that they'd like a 'woman card' of their very own — to display proudly on a fridge or pull out of their wallet every time they run into someone who says women who support Hillary must not be using our brains (that's a real thing Donald Trump's senior adviser said yesterday)," Clinton's Women's Outreach Director Mini Timmaraju said in an email to supporters, according to The Week.

The Republican front runner, who, like Clinton, was coming off a string of several primary wins, said that there is one reason why Clinton is leading the Democratic race, and it has nothing to do with her politics.

"I think the only card she has is the woman's card…" Trump said, according to USA Today. "And frankly, if Hillary Clinton were a man I don't think she'd get 5% of the vote."

Clinton has embraced the term so far.

"If fighting for women's healthcare, and paid family leave, and equal pay is playing the 'woman card,' then deal me in," she said.

When offered the opportunity to walk back on his comments, Trump declined, saying that "without the woman's card Hillary would not even be a viable person to run for city council positions," notes Politico.

Trump was asked whether he understood why some people found his comment demeaning, to which he responded that he made a "true comment," adding that "the only thing she has got going is she's a woman."

"She has done a terrible job in so many different ways," he said, referring to her time as secretary of state. "…Look at some of the things that she’s done that are absolutely disastrous. No, I would say, the primary thing she has going is that she’s a woman. She’s playing that card like I have never seen anybody play it before."

Sources: USA Today, The Week, Politico / Photo Credit: C-SPAN/Wikimedia Commons

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