Mom Takes Revenge On Man Who Raped Her 5-Year-Old


A mother in Jharkhand, India took justice into her own hands yesterday when she killed the man who raped her five year old daughter.

The mother, whose name has not been revealed, killed 23-year-old Arjun Tumba in the early hours of Sunday morning.

According to Jharkhand police, the mother left her daughter at home while she visited a construction site. Tumba realized the young child was home alone and lured her away with chocolate before raping her.

On Saturday night, the girl complained of pain in her private parts. She told her mother she’d been raped. After learning who the assailant was, the woman grabbed an iron rod and left her home.

She found Tumba outside of his house and beat him to death. According to police, Tumba’s neighbors learned of the rape shortly before the beating. No one intervened on Tumba’s behalf as they witnessed his murder.

The mother was arrested following the killing. She defended her actions to by saying "Beti ka rape kiya, maine usko mara... kya galat kiya?” which translates to “He raped my daughter, I killed him…what’s wrong in it?”

Police are waiting on a medical report to confirm that the young girl was raped before deciding on what action to take next.

India is currently dealing with a huge rise in sexual violence towards women. Rape cases in India doubled between 1990 and 2008. 

Sources: Times of India, Hindustan Times

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