Hospital Staff Walks In On Disturbing Scene Featuring Mom, Newborn (Photos)


Doctors and nurses at a Chinese hospital were shocked when a new mom was found biting her newborn son in what’s being called a “cannibalistic attack.”

According to reports, a nurse discovered 24-year-old Li Zhenghua biting into her baby’s arm just days after his birth. When the nurse tried to get her off of the infant, the mom refused, so doctors had to have her forcibly removed from the baby’s arm. The woman was immediately administered a sedative and the baby was taken away.

The Daily Mirror reports that the mom was found pregnant on the street and was taken into the hospital. Only a few days after giving birth, Zhenghua was found biting her infant son by nurse Liu Tianlun.

“It was really shocking, the arm was badly damaged and suffered not only heavy bruising but bleeding as a result of the bite,” said a hospital spokesperson, according to The Daily Mirror. “Fortunately, doctors managed to insert something to stop her closing her teeth and then levered her jaws apart. After that they gave her a sedative and took the baby to a secure location.”

Zhenghua is said to potentially be suffering from mental health problems, and an investigation into the incident continues.

Sources: The Daily Mirror, 1Click News / Photo Source: The Daily Mirror

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