Woman Cuts Off Boyfriend's Penis, Kills Him After He Rapes Her


It looks like Lorena Bobbitt has some competition.

On Monday, the Chinese High Court heard the testimony of a woman who cut off a man's penis before killing him.

The incident took place on December 26, 2012. That’s when Zhou Hui, the boyfriend of Yeung Ki, was visiting Yeung and her daughter in their Hong Kong apartment.

On that day, Yeung says Zhou beat and raped her when she refused to lend him $28,000 to buy a new car. Zhou also threatened to post nude pictures of Yeung online if she didn’t comply.

When Yeung refused, Zhou allegedly beat her and her four-year-old daughter before moving the young girl out onto the apartment’s balcony. Once the child was outside, Zhou forced Yeung onto a bed and raped her.

Later, Yeung sought revenge for Zhou's deplorable act. She fed Zhou a bowl of soup laced with sleeping pills. Once Zhou fell asleep, Yeung cut off his penis. The pain soon awoke Zhou from his slumber and he started beating Yeung. The woman grabbed a nearby hammer and landed “almost uncountable” blows to his face and the back of his head. Zhou died from the injuries.

The next day, Yeung took her daughter to a Social Welfare Department center and confessed to her crime.

“I cut it,” she said. “I think it was cruel. I did not mean it.”

Yeung says she flushed Zhou’s penis down the toilet after cutting it off.

Yeung maintains that she is not guilty of murder because she was provoked by Zhou’s abuse. 

Sources: South China Morning Post, Mail Online

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