Father Leaves Daughter In Burning Car To Flee From Police


According to the authorities in South Carolina, a man
fleeing a traffic stop left his daughter in a burning car to die. News outlets
report 26-year-old Imhotep Osiris Norman was accused of child abuse. The South
Carolina State Highway Patrol says on Friday troopers made an effort to stop
him for speeding.

Capt. Kelley Hughes says the pursuing troopers saw Norman’s
vehicle was smoking and sparking. According to troopers, a sack was tossed from
the moving vehicle; they state it later tested positive for illicit drugs.

The vehicle at that point burst into blazes and Norman fled
by walking when it moved to a stop. Agents at that point found the body of
1-year-old Xena Rah’Lah Norman in the vehicle’s secondary lounge.

Norman was later captured. He says he didn’t realize the
vehicle was in flames.


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