Missing Colorado Woman Still Not Found After Almost A Month


A Colorado lady has been absent for nearly a month, and her mom is frantic for answers.

Since March 20, Jepsy Amaga Kallungi, 26, has not been seen or heard from. According to Margie Amaga, her mother, her daughter’s husband said that the last time he saw Kallungi, he assumed she was planning to make a trip to  Chicago, Mexico or the Philippines to visit companions.

Amaga stated “I am so worried and I cannot sleep. I cannot concentrate for work.”

A Colorado Springs police declined to give much information except police were aware of Kallungi’s disappearance and were investigating it as a missing person case. Tuesday, the police department gave a statement that they got a call to check on the woman’s welfare on April 4th; patrol officers were unable to contact her and a missing person’s case report was started.


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