Girl In Alaska Expelled After She Fought Back Against A Group Of Boys


According to the report, Last week, a group of boys at North Pole High School in Fairbanks went into the girls’ bathroom to protest the use of the boys’ restroom by a transgender student. The student is transitioning from female to male. One girl encountered the boys blocked from leaving the bathroom. She purportedly kneed one boy, who was then sent to the hospital.
A group of boys tried to stage an anti-trans “protest” by storming into the girls’ bathroom in the school. The school district reported that seven boys were disciplined.

Fairbanks North Star Borough School District Superintendent Karen Gaborik told Fox News, “The district does not encourage students or staff to use force against students, staff or visitors to school facilities. In general, we recommend students talk to school staff about any situations in which they feel unsafe. Students are encouraged to bring concerns about their safety to school staff. If a student is facing an imminent threat, the student’s response to the threat will be evaluated based on the facts and circumstances of the incident, district policies, and state law.”


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