Megalodon Shark Tooth Discovered By North Carolina Girl On Beach


A middle school girl unearthed a  buried fortune while spending her spring break on a shoreline in North Carolina.

Avery Fauth and her family love to scour the sand for shark teeth whenever they’re on a beach. Yet, Fauth attributes her recent ancient find — a megalodon shark tooth — on North Topsail Beach to luck.

She told WECT, “I’m looking around and I see something buried in the sand. I uncovered it and it keeps coming, and it’s this big tooth, and then I hold it up and I’m screaming for my mom.”

Fauth’s dad stated, “I was really shocked and excited for her that she found something that big,”

The megalodon, considered one of, if not the biggest marine predator to ever live, had colossal teeth — some approaching about 8 inches long. As per an investigation published in March, the monster shark spent millions of years honing its teeth to improve as a predator.

 Another ongoing study, published in February, proposes the megalodon ceased to exist around 3.6 million years back, about 1 million years sooner than at first suspected. That study also speculated that competition from the great white shark added to the megalodon’s termination.


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