Topeka Zookeeper Hospitalized After Tiger Attack


A zookeeper in Kansas has been hospitalized after an assault
by a Sumatran tiger at the Topeka Zoo on Saturday.

The tiger, named Sanjiv, was in a similar territory as the
manager when the creature assaulted, as indicated by Molly Hadfield, a
representative for the City of Topeka.

The occurrence occurred while the park was available to the
general population and “a couple of individuals” witnessed the
assault, she said. The zoo shut down for around 45 minutes while employees took
care of the tiger and aided the harmed zookeeper.

While the zoo did re-open and will stay open for the rest of
the day, the tiger exhibit is shut until further notice, she said.

The Topeka Zoo has chosen not to euthanize the tiger, taking
note of that Sumatran Tigers are critically imperiled and Sanjiv was a wild
tiger doing what wild tigers do, as indicated by Hadfield.

Sumatran tigers can weigh between 160 to 300 pounds, and
almost 400 are left on the planet, as per the World Wildlife Fund.


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