Washington State Might Allow Human Composting


Washington state administrators on Friday passed a bill that
would enable residents to partake in “natural organic reduction” of human
remains, referring in part research that said composted human remains could be
ok for use in a family garden, reports said.

The Seattle Times revealed that Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee’s
office on Friday said he didn’t survey the last legislation. Inslee- – who is
running for president- – has been active on Twitter since the state Senate and
House of Representative passed bill 5001, however, did not specify the bill in
any posts. The bill allegedly passed effectively and had bipartisan help.

The report called attention to that the measure has been
quite a long while really taking shape. There was a trial that included six
backers who consented to the organic reduction.

Troy Hottle the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said
the method is as “close to the natural process of decomposition [as] you’d
assume a body would undergo before we had an industrialized society.”

According to an NBC report last year, the procedure could
cost $5,500.


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