Stolen Dog Reunited With Family After Two Years


A dog found abandoned in Colorado has come back to its family, about two years after it was stolen in Florida as a pup.

Animal charity organization Wings of Rescue says the German Shepherd named Cedar was shrouded with snow in a country Colorado ditch, apparently malnourished with a harmed leg when a deputy marshal discovered her. The pet was recognized thanks to its microchip.

The youngest of four mutts in the Peterson family, Cedar was stolen from their backyard in May 2017 in the town of Southwest Ranches, north of Miami. At the time, different signs for missing pets were going up around the community. In those days, Tamara Peterson told journalists that she thought somebody had jumped the fence to take the 4-month-old little dog. The family posted flyers with Cedar’s photographs around the town, drove around a few neighborhoods and procured a detective to follow the pet down. It is still confusing how the dog wound up nearly 3,219 kilometers away in the Colorado town of Hugo.


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