Man From Missouri With ‘Body Count’ Tattoo Charged With Murder


A Missouri man dealing with different charges in connection to a destructive shooting a month ago purportedly professed to have kept a mark to memorialize his killings that anybody could see – a “body count” tattoo all over.

The Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office said in a news release that Jonathan S. Lowrey, 25, was accused Monday of second-degree murder, armed criminal action and altering an engine vehicle in connection with shooting death of Joseph Corum on March 28 in Kansas City.

An observer announced she was inside the home when she heard Corum hollering outside before hearing a “loud vehicle” and discharge. She heard another gunfire before the vehicle headed out, authorities said.

Surveillance video given by another observer indicated Lowrey sitting in a van outside the home, with an observer detailing he had a tattoo of 5 “count marks” close to his right eye which he expressed was a “body tally,” as indicated by court records.

Lowrey was captured by police on Thursday for questioning before he was accused of the Kansas City shooting. An investigator noted in his report that Lowrey was seen to have 6 “count marks” inked under his right eye.

DNA taken from a shell casing recouped at the crime scene in Kansas City was matched to Lowrey, as indicated by police.


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