Face Of Anti-drunk Driving Campaigns Jacqui Saburido Passed Away


Jacqui Saburido — a woman who became the haunting, memorable
face of several anti-drunk driving campaigns passed away at the age of 40.

Saburido reportedly had cancer, she moved to Guatemala City
several years ago to receive better medical treatment. On Monday the state
agency tweeted “TABC [Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission] is saddened to learn
of the passing of Jacqui Saburido, who used her life-changing injuries to help
tell others about the dangers of drunk driving.”

Saburido turned into a supporter against intoxicated driving
a long time after she endured serious burns all over her body and various medical
problems following the 1999 accident close Austin. Saburido, who was 20 at the
time, and three companions were as one out of a vehicle when Reggie Stephey’s
SUV furrowed into the vehicle. The vehicle burst into flames with Saburido
caught in the front traveler situate. Her body was shrouded on fire for very
nearly a minute before paramedics had the capacity to douse the blast and haul
Saburido out.

Saburido experienced 120 medical surgeries after the
accident and was left seriously distorted — yet she utilized her awful wounds
and nerve-racking story to caution others about the perils of drunk driving.
One billion individuals worldwide are evaluated to have heard her story, as
indicated by Faces of Drunk Driving.


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