Alabama Woman Survives 5 Days Pinned Inside A Wrecked Car


Last week An Alabama woman disappeared while driving to a post office. On Monday she was found pinned inside a wrecked car, the police are guessing she might have been trapped for a couple of days.

Robin Joyce Fancher was last seen on April 17, she left her apartment in her Mitsubishi Galant, Headland police informed. Two days later she was reported missing. Officials told they received a phone call on Monday from a Samaritan who spotted a damaged vehicle in a ditch.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency told, “It is believed that the crash occurred several days ago, but was not easily visible from the roadway.”

Rescuers from five different agencies spent over an hour
working hard to free Fancher; she was trapped against the driver’s door.

Fancher suffered multiple injuries; a family member told the
paper that Fancher was recovering at a hospital in stable condition. It wasn’t
immediately clear how Fancher had survived so many days pinned inside.


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