Florida Jail Deputy Arrested For Kicking Inmate


A deputy at a Florida jail was arrested after he made a
prisoner drop to the ground and do pushups as discipline for tossing a cookie
and after that kicked the prisoner in the side when he paused, the Pinellas
County Sheriff’s Office said.

The occurrence happened in January when prisoner Mario
Christo and two different inmates who were doled out to a team in the county
jail’s kitchen were purging waste into a dumpster.

The incident wasn’t reported to the sheriff’s Internal Affairs division until a week ago when Christo was discharged on April 16. Christo told officers that he was placing the trash into a dumpster when he hurled a treat to a bird. Deputy James Moran, 57, examined Christo concerning tossing the treat and punished him by guiding him to complete 50 push-ups.

The occurrence was caught on surveillance camera, and it
demonstrates Christo do half of the ordered number of pushups before he gets
tired and stops. Moran is found in the video approaching Christo and kicking
him once in the side.


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