CDC Reports Chicken Is Often The Culprit In U.S. Food Poisoning Cases


Director of the agency’s foodborne illness division Rob Tauxe said
the figures show that more needs to be done to make our food safer. The two
most common sources of infection have been longtime problems, he noted.

Salmonella can come from an array of foods including vegetables,
eggs, chicken, pork and beef. Campylobacter is mostly tied to chicken. Health
officials often can’t group cases into outbreaks. Both bacteria are normally
spread through animal feces.

The report is based on reports in 10 states though it is seen as
an indicator of national trends. Companies have brought down salmonella rates
in raw whole carcasses with chicken since the government began publishing test
results of individual plants.

The agency said 22 percent of production plants did not meet its
standard for limiting salmonella in chicken parts last year. the U.S.
Department of Agriculture only recently began posting similar data for raw
chicken parts like breasts and legs.

The National Chicken Council stated the industry has been working
hard to bring down contamination rates. germ-killing solutions sprayed on the
raw chicken during processing, improved sanitation and increased use of
vaccines, etc. are being done to make it most hygienic. 


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