Dog Helped Find Dead Body Of A Missing Man On A Hike


A Washington state man reported missing on a hike was found dead. Thanks to the dog’s barking, the searcher was discovered but he was dead.

The recovery of the 64-year-old man’s body began at daybreak and spanned for more than 12 hours. He was reported to be missing after not returning home Wednesday.

The sheriff’s office said in a press release “This was a very sad end to a tough search, but we are incredibly proud of our deputies and the volunteers’ efforts to find the missing man and return him to his family.”

“Without the barking of his loyal companion Daisy, we never would have located the missing man.”

The man had gone on a hike in Evans Creek. According to his wife, she had gone geocaching, a GPS scavenger-like hunt but no use.

The station reported that the man had heart problems which ultimately took his life.


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