After Two Decades Rapist And Murderer Sentenced For 115 Years


After more than two decades, a man has been sentenced to 115
years in prison by an Indiana county judge for the 1998 rape and murder of a
woman whose home was later set on fire.

Johnny Jones was charged in 2015 for the rape and murder of
Kenya Edwards, had avoided authorities until 2009, when police decided to go
over the cold case and submit evidence for DNA testing.

A former neighbour of Edwards, told the local NBC News affiliate
“It was really scary because, you know, living right across the street from
that. It was chaotic. It took the coroner a long time to get the body out of
the house.”

Her wrists and legs were tied with electrical cords, and
officers discovered indications of a battle inside the home alongside a back
broken window.

A post-mortem examination discovered that Edwards had kicked
the bucket from thermal burns and smoke inhalation.


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