Seattle Construction Crane Accident Victims Have Been Identified


The victims of the construction crane accident in Seattle
over the weekend were identified Monday. A college freshman who wanted to be a
nurse, a retired city worker who championed development and construction in the
area and two ex-Marines who died pursuing among the most dangerous professions
in American industry.

The King County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that the
deaths of Sarah Wong, 19, Alan Justad, 71, Andrew Yoder, 31, and Travis Corbet,
33, on Saturday were all accidents.

Members of the International Association of Bridge,
Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Iron Workers named Yoder and Corbet were
working on the crane when it collapsed as it was being disassembled. a student
at Seattle Pacific University Wong, a retired deputy director of planning and
development for Seattle named Justad were in separate cars on busy Mercer

As the crane came down it crushed not only the cars but some
possible bright futures too.

“Cranes are probably the most dangerous piece of equipment
there is out there,” Stever Frein, lead crane instructor at West Coast Training
near Woodland, Washington told NBC affiliate KGW of Portland, Oregon. “Disassembling
a tower crane or a lattice boom crane is the most dangerous part.”


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