Random Shooting Kills Iowa Woman And Injures Her Boyfriend


A 25-year-old Iowa lady was killed and a 32-year-old man wounded when both of them were shot by the same bullet in an apparently random shooting as they were driving home from work early Sunday morning.

Waterloo Police, Iowa, and a local crime-stopping unit are offering a $7,000 reward for the person responsible for ending the life of Micalla “KK” Rettinger and wounding her friend, Adam Kimball.according to NBC affiliate KWWL in Waterloo Rettinger was shot in her neck through the driver’s seat window, and the bullet then hit Kimball. A third passenger in the vehicle was unharmed.

After being shot, Rettinger managed to drive the vehicle to a highway exit, where she was later declared dead, according to KWWL. Kimball is being treated for his injury.

Rettinger’s father told, “It seems so out of the ordinary and so random and senseless that I can’t even get my mind around it.”

Police also say there is no hint that Rettinger, a former University of North Iowa softball player studying to become a dentist, was involved in any work that might have led to the shooting on Sunday. One possibility is, the shooter might have been hunting, legally or illegally.


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