Woman From Arizona Ran Over Boyfriend With Car


    A woman from Arizona claimed she “blacked out” the moment she hit the accelerator pedal and ran boyfriend over and doesn’t remember the tribulation despite having visible damage to her vehicle.

    Vanessa Santillan was apprehended arrested after the bizarre April 21 squabble with her boyfriend in Tempe, AZFamily.com reported Wednesday.

    Santillan was in the vehicle with her boyfriend when they got into a vehement argument that escalated when he exited the car as she came to a stop.

    He allegedly flipped her off and continued walking away when she honked her car horn.

    The 40-year-old woman then allegedly drove onto the pavement in rage and hit her boyfriend with her car before fleeing the scene.

    The man suffered injuries to the right side of his body was taken to the hospital where he received stitches.

    After the incident, she picked up her son and drove him to North Arizona University. Three days after the incident Santillan was arrested and was charged with aggravated assault and failing to stay at the scene of a collision with injuries


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