Best Buy’s Geek Squad Employees Help Catch A Child Porn Holder


An Iowa man ended up in handcuffs after he asked Best Buy’s Geek Squad to fix his laptop after a gravy spill.

Robert Leo Watson, 54, was arrested after employees at the electronic store discovered documents they suspected were child pornography on Wednesday. Watson brought his laptop to Best Buy in an effort to save his data after he spilled gravy on the device.

While they were transferring the files from the “gravy-covered computer” to a new device, employees made the disturbing discovery, according to the report. They called the police, who took both laptops as evidence and apprehend Watson on 10 counts of child porn possession.

Des Moines Register reported Watson described several of the pictures found on the device and admitted to labeling the files as “13 year old” and “14 year old’s.”

Watson is scheduled to appear in court on May 10 and being held on a $50,000 cash bond.


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