California High School Newspaper Published Article On A Student’s Porn Career


A California high school student newspaper has printed a feature article about a local 18-year-old’s fledgling career in the porn industry after winning a free speech battle against a group of district officials. Its advisor told they have lost their minds.

The profile of Caitlin Fink – a senior student at Bear Creek High School in Stockton – ran in The Bruin Voice Friday following a weeks-long dispute between the Lodi Unified School District and the student editors and long-term advisor of the newspaper, English teacher Kathi Duffel. According to the report the Bay Area district’s superintendent penned a letter to Duffel in mid-April threatening that she could be sacked of her job unless she turns over a copy of the article for recheck by administrators, prior to its publishing.

The article is titled “Risky business: starting a career in the adult entertainment industry”, it details how Fink has made a “substantial amount of money” selling erotic pictures of herself on smartphone apps and is intending to become a stripper.

Duffel and the newspaper’s seven student editors, refused to hand over a draft version of the story for review and brought in an attorney.

Lodi Unified School District ultimately relented and allowed the article to be published in its intended form.


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