Arizona Mother Killed 3-year-old Son By Starving Is Convicted


An Arizona mother is accused of starving her 3-year-old son
to death and storing his corpse in a toy chest. She has been found guilty of
first-degree murder and child abuse by the court.

On Friday, the mother named Raquel Barreras, 44, of Tuscon was convicted.

Prosecutors said Barreras and her husband Martin starved
their 3-year-old son Roman and didn’t allow anyone to feed the toddler.

Barreras pleaded guilty, her lawyer told she was a drug addict who was struggling financially.

According to The Mirror, her defense pushed back on claims
she killed her son and said Roman was a “medically compromised” toddler.

The Tucson couple was taken into custody in March 2014 after
human remains believed to be those of their child were found in a plastic toy
chest in the backyard of their home.

According to an autopsy report it’s believed Roman died
sometime between the spring of 2013 and January 2014 from starvation and

The couple has four other children except Roman.


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