YouTuber Austin Jones Sentenced In A Chicago Federal Court To 10 Years In Prison


A YouTube star was sentenced in a Chicago federal court to
10 years in prison.

Austin Jones, best known for his a cappella covers on
YouTube, pleaded guilty to child pornography charges in February. Though he
faced a maximum of 20 years, prosecutors pushed for an 11-year prison sentence
on Friday.

The judge ultimately gave him 10 years in federal prison; Jones’
lawyers sought the minimum of five years.

According to the Prosecutors said Jones” preyed on
their youth, their vulnerabilities and most glaringly, their adoration of him.”

A defense filing contended Jones’ life asserted he suffered
sexual abuse as a child.

Jones amassed a following that included more than 534,000
subscribers who gave him more than 41 million views on YouTube. YouTube
demonetized Jones’ channel after he was first charged.

A petition in 2015, started by an anonymous person, asked
that he be removed from the Warped Tour (a traveling music festival). It alleged
that Jones was asking minor girls for naked pictures. It received more than
9,000 signatures.


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