9-year-old Boy With Liver Cancer Became Honorary Captain Texas Police Dept.


A 9-year-old boy was sworn in as an honorary police captain
on Friday by officers at the Alton Police Department in Texas. The boy is fighting
liver cancer.

Last year Brandon Tadeo Alvarez got a cancer diagnosis and his illness went into remission in September. At the start of this year, cancer came back.

After receiving a phone call from a friend of Brandon on Wednesday,
officers of the department visited him. The caller noted the young boy’s love
for law enforcement. He dreamed of one day becoming an officer himself.

Chief Jonathan Flores told Fox News, “During our visit,
Tanya [Brandon’s mom] shared the details of Brandon’s condition and informed us
that doctors had stopped all treatment. We knew immediately that we needed to
make his dream come true.”

More than 200 people (family, friends, elected officials,
members of the community and officers from neighboring police departments) gathered
at City Hall on Friday to support him in a ceremony.

Flores said, “We will continue to support Brandon and
his family, doing whatever we can to lift his spirits and help him to stay
motivated and continue to fight this terrible disease.”


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