Tensions Rise Between Amazon’s Alexa & Google Assistant At CES 2019


Even though Amazon’s Alexa has managed to become the go-to smart assistant when the need arises, it’s an ongoing duel with Google Assistant is much tougher than expected.
A multitude of products supports both Alexa & Google Assistant since they want to increase their sales figures by increasing their options for their customers.

Due to the immense presence of Google, Google managed to send a message to the attendees that they have big plans for Google Assistant.
Google managed to send employees clad in white clothes & Google Assistant-themed hats in other companies’ exhibition booths to talk to the visitors & talked about the features Assistant can provide on third-party devices.
Google also launched a new interpreter mode which is being used in hotels around New York, San Fransisco & Las Vegas.

Amazon’s presentation, on the other hand, felt bleak when compared to the grandeur of Google.
Amazon had set up town main booths, each assigned to one of their 2 products, which are the Ring & the Amazon Key, none of which seemed to be in their final stages.
None of the booths managed to show live demos of the products.

Next to no companies have decided on particular smart assistants, which means that the market will get to see devices which can support a multitude of smart assistants & allowing many different smart assistants to develop & thrive at the same time.
Even though it may look like Alexa might have an edge due to their popularity, the show is still yet to begin.


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