Helmets-Why Wear One?


No matter whatever the situation is, one should always be careful and use protection. One of the necessary times is riding bikes.
Yes, wearing a helmet while riding is very much important. One can save their life by wearing a helmet.

So what does a helmet exactly do?

It is advisable to ride a 2-wheeler with the utmost caution, but if a crash is unavoidable, a helmet works to absorb the strong force, which protects the head, which in turn protects the brain.

Helmets work to prevent hard head injuries which becomes even more important for children whose brains are still developing.

Everyday helmets save our life in the following ways

  1. Protect Against Brain Injuries Strong brain injuries can have a dramatic effect on a person’s quality of life. Brain injuries also are the cause of the majority of bike accident-related cases. Many deaths could have been prevented with the help of a good bicycle helmet. When one wears their helmet, studies have shown one has reduced their risk of a serious brain injury by up to 80 per cent. Those numbers alone are a great reason to remember wearing a helmet on one’s ride.
  2. Make people More Visible to Vehicles Many bike accidents which involve vehicles occur due to the car not seeing the rider. A brightly coloured and strong helmet makes us more visible in traffic and lessens our chance of a car-on-bike accident. We can go a step further and add reflective units onto our helmet to ensure visibility during low light situations.
  3. Weather Protection Many riders helmets have handy protection in front that ensures in keeping the elements away from our face. They provide shade from the sun, the UV rays which are harmful to our eyes and can remove away raindrops from our eyes so that we can grip better during a sudden storm.


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