The Half Smart Speaker, Half Hotspot For Sprint By HTC’s 5G Hub


With seemingly all the 5G phones previewed at this year’s Mobile World Congress, one may think that HTC would join the ‘create your own next-generation handset’ bandwagon, but instead, HTC has come up with something out of the ordinary.

HTC coupled with Sprint has not been secretive about their plans of launching a 5G hotspot, even though they have been every reclusive about the inner details of the project.

The 5G Hub by HTC serves a purpose very similar to what Google-Home can provide with set-top box capabilities.
It has the ability to provide a Wi-Fi connection to up to 20 devices at the same time & it runs on Android 9 Pie as well as possess the ability to connect to an external display via a USB Type-C to an HDMI cable.
For the display duties, it features a 5-inch 720p screen, which means content can be played directly on it.
The 5G Hub is powered by a Snapdragon 855 chipset coupled with 4GBs of RAM, which means it can practically handle anything which is thrown at it, which includes demanding games. The 5G Hub can either be looked at as an overly featured hotspot or a handset without the ‘phone’ part in it.

There is no ambiguity in that fact that HTC’s 5G Hub will allow 20 devices at the same time to enjoy 5G internet speeds.
Additionally, the 5G Hub features n Ethernet port or desktops or gaming consoles.

Backing up all the technological goodness is a massive 7,660 mAh battery, which allows for ample use.
Memory-wise, it has support for microSD cards & external drives for expanding storage.

HTC is yet to announce the pricing of the 5G Hub, but it can be known from Sprint later on in this week.
The 5G Hub is expected to be launched in the spring, coinciding with the time when Sprint will launch its 5G services in 9 cities around the U.S.A.


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