The Alexa-Powered Wearable Device Reportedly Being Worked On By Amazon


There are reports that Amazon is working on an Alexa-powered wearable device which can recognize & react according to human emotions, as said by Bloomberg. The device, which is akin to the Apple Watch or Fitbit, has been defined as a health & wellness products in the internal documents of Amazon.

This wearable device is being worked on by Alexa’s voice software team, as well as Lab126, which is the hardware development department which fabricated Amazon’s Fire Phone as well as their Echo smart speaker.

Based on the reports, this device will come featured with the built-in app & also feature its microphone which will be used by it to recognize the user’s emotions based on the vocal patterns. With the use of Artificial Intelligence-based technology, the device will also be able to provide the user with the recommendations on how to interact better with other humans.

Amazon is still yet to confirm or comment on this product, yet already has a code name for this product, which is Project Dylan. It is still unclear how far the project has made it, or if the device will eventually be commercially available or not.

The reports also revealed that Amazon had a patent filing done in the year 2017 about a technology that would use voice analysis to recognize the feelings such as anger, sorrow, joy, sadness, disgust, fear, stress, boredom or other emotional states.


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