You Can Never Quite Go Wrong With A Pair Of Classic Blue Denim Pants. Comfortable, Rugged, And Most Importantly, Stylish.


With its roots tracing back to 1871, jeans pants are quite a cultural commodity now and they are pretty much a common sight in almost everyone’s wardrobe these days. Be it your daily work, or hanging out with friends, jeans are always the go-to pair of pants to be worn. With your pants sorted, you gotta wear shoes which match them. So, which color of shoes would it be advisable for you to combine with your pants and for what event? While from the outset, the style of the shoe could be the most significant factor in footwear, the shading you pick can likewise largely affect the general outfit. Regardless of whether you’re trying to look tough for winter, snappy for the boulevards, or cleaned for a date, we’re here to separate it to fundamentals. To guarantee you generally pick your shoes like an ace, we present this manual to disclose what shading shoes to wear with your Levis.

Blend in! A pair of Levis with Blue Shoes

Blending your pants with some blue shoes is an extraordinary spot to begin.

Black is always classy! Try jeans with Black Shoes

While pants are perceived all around as the cool, easygoing fundamental in any closet, the expansion of some dark shoes can in a split second hoist their modernity.

Feeling classy? Wear pants with Dark Brown Shoes

For a tough, yet current approach to style your preferred pair of pants, dull dark colored shoes always win.

Want something subtle? Try some pants with Beige Shoes

While pants and dim darker shoes are an ideal outfit for winter months, it is beige that reigns in summer and spring.

Want the practicality? Wear Tennis shoes with Blue Jeans

What started its life as a need for any growing sportsman has now developed into a closet fundamental in the city-style scene.


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