‘Lost Dress’ Seemingly Resurfaces On Popular Social Media Site, Instagram, Lesley Mobo Is Livid


Major global fashion designer and industry advisor of the Fashion Program of MINT College Lesley Mobo complained about his discontent over an internet-based incident about a missing dress he’s been searching for a considerable length of time. The missing red sequined paillette dubbed the “Dolly Gown” dress reemerged after an Instagram post was seen by the planner. A piece of his Red Charity Gala gathering, the dress has been worn by Pia Wurtzbach in 2015 and entertainer Kim Chiu for a design magazine in 2016.

Mobo got a lot of sympathetic and thoughtful messages from many young fashion designers in the field, who were equally in shock when his famed dress was seemingly ‘lost’. The joint effort is the way to achievement in design. To fabricate celebrity main street commendable looks, convincing visual pictures, and publications or business characters that recount stories, editors, fashioners, beauticians, costumes, hair and cosmetics craftsmen, and photographic artists cooperate all-around firmly, each assuming a pivotal job.

For architects and beauticians, coordination is key. It’s an understanding marked by the beautician and the originator specifying the things acquired, the date they are obtained and the date they will be restored, the reason for getting, and different focuses striking to the protection of the acquired things.


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