Another Plain Old Case Of ‘Sugar Daddy’, Jeffrey Epstein Accused


Court records unfold where it is revealed more about Jeffrey Epstein’s lavish treatment to one of his financiers through the testaments of Virginia Giuffre

During a meeting with the FBI, Virginia told stated that her sexual escapades with Jeffrey began at an early age of 15.

Not long after their first claimed sexual experience, Giuffre said she was extended to an employment opportunity flying far and wide with him on the off chance that she quit her place of employment as a storage space specialist at Mar-a-Lago. She said she was likewise offered $200 to give him ‘massages’, as well as an extra $200 as travel allowance.

Giuffre said she before long started going with Epstein around the US and the Caribbean. Around a half year into working for him, when she was only 16, Giuffre said she began going with him on progressively distant to the UK, France, Spain, and Africa.

She visited the Alhambra in Spain and remaining in a lodging sitting above the Champs-Elysees in Paris.

On that trip, she was taken out to Tramp, an individual just club which was, and remains, a noteworthy London hotspot.

Epstein even paid for her to go to the International Training Massage School in Bangkok, Thailand, Giuffre said. While going to the school in 2002, Giuffre said she was placed up in a lodging.

It was in Thailand that Giuffre said her association with Epstein arrived at an end. She met her future spouse there, and called Epstein to tell him “she had experienced passionate feelings for.”


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