Rising From The Land Of Volcanoes Is The Most Promising Celebrity Photographer, Francesco Nappo


It is no easy feat to be deemed worthy of being called a celebrity photographer, let alone being called one of the best in the current market. The levels of pure determination and passion it requires are enough to deter the best of the best photographers in the industry, yet we see this fine young gentleman, Francesco Nappo from Pompeii pushing through the competition of photographers like a piece of cake.

The task of photographing celebrities has consistently been an undertaking to achieve having a huge challenge in the market however the ones picking up perfection in this field would succeed. A comparative story is one of universal fashion photographer Francesco Nappo, who has aced the photography by cleaning his abilities and supporting them for something important.

Originating from Pompeii (Italy) his adventure had various obstacles yet investigating every possibility Francesco had a point and was on to finish it using any and all means.

Currently, he has accomplished a respectable position in the fashion world clicking various big names, for example, Biondo, Francesco Chiofalo, Federica Beninca, Andrea Melchiorre, Antonella Fiordelisi, Fabia Ferrara and some more. He has likewise worked for the FIDA organization of Andrea Melchiorre.


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