The Tower Of David Witnesses Fashion Night In All Of It’s Colorful Glory


It was the night before the fashion show, hoards of people jammed into the Tower of David, the fashion theme was highlighted by brightly designed clothing suspended high noticeable all around on twine hung between the turrets of the aforementioned tower.

This was to signify the beginning of the contemporary fashion show which spans for a total of four days.

At well over twelve in the old complex, yarns were being weaved into textures, hues in each conceivable shade were being delivered by squeezing a PC key as opposed to being bubbled and mixed as in a long time ago, and pieces of clothing were being planned and created.

An improvised studio with a design picture taker, make-up craftsman and beautician changed visitors into brief models, the camera catching them in various robes and represents that they could see on a screen alongside the photographic artist while they were in real life. It was a design in the most thorough feeling of the word.

The message that continued running over on the premiere night was that though once a piece of clothing was bought for its holder request as well as nearly as a venture with the certainty that it would keep going for a long time to come, today the entire thought is to wear it a bunch of times and dispose of it.


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