Technology Trickles Its Way Down Sports, Enters Cricket As ‘Smart Ball’ – Here Are Some Things You Should Know!

  1. Innovation is generally being utilized in sports for a long time now through making umpires/officials settle on better choices and furthermore improving the communicate. Be that as it may, it would appear that the primary smart thing in games is set to arrive and it’s none other than a brilliant cricket ball. The Smart Ball may change how cricket is instructed, played, directed, and experienced.
  2. The development of the Smart Ball was going on for the past two years. Those two years of development have finally led on to what we can currently hear about, i. e, the Smart Ball.
  3. Kookaburra has collaborated with the technology partner, SportCor to develop the Smart Ball.
  4. The Smart Ball will come equipped with a built-in smart microchip which will be providing live feedback to the bowlers.
  5. The Smart Ball can be paired to a smartwatch to tweak around with the settings of the ball, changing its course.
  6. This Smart Ball is self-memorizing, i.e, it collects past data and changes according to it.
  7. It holds the ability to measure the speed of the ball through various stages, such as during release, pre-bound as well as post-bound.
  8. As indicated by Kookaburra, when the bowler discharges the ball, he/she will probably check the speed or level of turn by taking a gander at his/her smartwatch.
  9. There hasn’t been enough testing to immediately use the ball in real cricket matches.
  10. The next major matches might see the Smart Ball getting utilized.
  11. ICC and other major cricket boards will be offered to use the ball by Kookaburra.
  12. The Smart Ball might see usage in all forms of cricket.


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