Want Gadgets That Won’t Burn A Hole In Your Wallet? Here!


With gadgets just going up in prices day by day, it’s pretty hard to find something useful and reliable on the cheap. But we have compiled a list of five gadgets which are highly useful but won’t burn a hole in your wallet. Read on!

Sony SRS-XB01: $23 or less- If you don’t want a smart speaker listening in on your conversations or just want a rechargeable speaker that travels with you the Sony SRS-XB01 is a great choice. It sounds great for its size, and it’s splashproof, too.

Wyze Cam: $26- Want a security camera on the cheap to catch your neighbor trashing your backyard? This Alexa-compatible Wyze model is a solid choice, and it only costs $26.

Anker PowerCore Fusion battery: $26- This handy Anker 5,000-mAh battery pack is about the size of a MacBook power supply, and it can charge two USB-powered devices simultaneously. Best of all, it doubles as a wall charger, and the AC prongs fold up for easy travel. It’s now available in white and lipstick red for $30, too.

SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive 128GB: $23 These days, one or more (or all) of the USB ports on laptops are USB-C. But there are still plenty of old school rectangular USB-A ports out there. The SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive splits the difference perfectly, sporting both USB-C and USB-A plugs on one thumb drive. And now the 128GB model is priced below $25.

Amazon Echo Dot: $30- Amazon sold a million of these during its Prime Day sale when the price dipped as low as $22. But now the smart speaker’s price is back to its usual price of $30. Just make sure that you’re not buying it for someone attending a school where these are already in every dorm room.


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