Want To Live The Fruitarian Lifestyle? Get Insight From This Fruitarian Couple


Before anything else, a fruitarian diet is a vegan diet where people consume nothing other than fruits, nuts, and seeds.

A couple following a fruitarian diet have said they were propelled by Michael Jackson to update their lives.

‘Health advisors’ at Flavors of Light, Ali Reza Khorasany, 28, and Daniella Siira, 22, both met on Instagram in the mid-year of 2017.

Ali is from London in the UK, while Daniella hails from Motala, Sweden, yet the two of them reinforced their enthusiasm for everything wellbeing, organic products, nature, fasting, and traveling. In the wake of getting worn out from working out while additionally attempting to fashion an effective vocation in London’s financial scene, Ali has now been following a generally crude organic product based eating regimen for just about four years. He went to his GP toward the part of the arrangement from obstruction, abundance wind, swelling, over abundance fat, skin break out, dark circles, lack of hydration and weakness, yet in the wake of being told he was ‘fine’ chosen to scan out potential solutions for his indications himself. A deeply rooted enthusiast of Michael Jackson, Ali sought the King of Pop for motivation, examining his eating routine, which in the long run prompted his change to fruitarianism.

Daniella, in the interim, has been following a similar way of life since November 2016, after an excursion to South-East Asia that saw her attracted to the wealth of extraordinary natural products on offer, driving her to discard the customary singed rice and noodle dishes.

They locate the nature of the organic produce is a lot higher in Asia, where they appreciate outlandish natural products incapable in Europe, for example, durian, and when at home they get sustenance from ready bananas and dates.

The pair say their eating regimen is comprised of 98 percent natural products and appreciates green juices and servings of mixed greens nearby their system.


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