The Fashion Scene Gets Some Fresh Geeky Talent In The Form Of Tony Kim


In the year 2016, Tony Kim, who is the previous promoting supervisor and funniest blogger released his Hero Within, a line of refined clothing taking into account fans who need to catalyst their fashion remainder while letting their nerd banners fly. He and his group have developed the business into a pillar at fan shows and blasting on the web outlet, with licenses for a portion of being a fan’s greatest properties, including a couple of Marvel special features set to make a big appearance at D23.

Kim’s structures highlight an unobtrusive combination of logos, hues, and iconography from funnies, dream and sci-fi properties in well-planned, well-fitting pieces of clothing for people. Legend Within offers quality jackets, coats, pants, and product notwithstanding well-known shirts. The more upscale-looking things fuse the nerd culture components into the coating, sewing, pockets, and subtleties: things the give the wearer mystery fulfillment, however, may go unnoticed by clueless Muggles, for example, supervisors, associates, first dates and objecting relatives.

Kim saw how fans adored the imaginative mashup of popular culture and style, yet he didn’t know he could make a business of it. He planned a model Superman overcoat that he appeared around to an overwhelmingly good reaction.

Profiting by his internet-based life impact through his casual cosplay, plan and show blogging, Kim moved toward Warner Bros and figured out how to get a permit to utilize the logos of DC characters in his initially set of structures. He appeared the accumulation at the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con and was overwhelmed by the positive reaction.

From that point, he verified licenses from Marvel in 2018, and Paramount’s Star Trek simply a month ago, in front of the presentation of the new Picard arrangement on CBS Discovery.

This year, Kim was welcome to show as a major aspect of the very curated gathering of sellers at D23.


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