Moderately Priced Clothing And Melania Trump!?


Not everything celebrities wear has to be priced sky-high. Melania Trump wears quite modestly priced clothing compared to other celebrities.
Melania Trump got a bad rep in the past for her sense of fashion, solely due to the fact that they were pretty controversial and impractical in nature while being extremely expensive. But not everything she wears is out of the reach of the general public.

Since the main family is in plain view for events, for example, formal occasions, get-away, and boarding Air Force One, the primary woman fits reasonable staples in the middle of couture pieces.

Some basic sneakers, average casual tops, as well as jeans seem to be on her top-priority list when it comes to clothing options for regular wearing.

Melania has been spotted wearing some expensive, yet not extravagantly expensive Timberland boots priced at $170.

The button down shirt she was wearing was made by J.Crew gingham and costs $75.

Then we have our regular staple: Converse sneaker which swings between $50-$65 depending on the models.

The J.Brand jeans she wears costs roughly $188

Melania is also keen on wearing baseball hats.


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