Sustainable Fashion Looks Nice On Paper, But Are The People Buying It?


Organizations and business visionaries who need to grasp the trend of sustainable fashion face two difficulties: staying aggressively priced and persuading customers that the reasonable characteristics of a piece of clothing merit a more expensive rate.

These two challenges can make or break a company depending on whether they can overcome the obstacles or not.

When the aspect of remaining competitive in the market and not just becoming a novelty goods company with a minuscule number of sales, the company has to bypass quite a lot of hurdles to manage that if they want to be considered ‘sustainable fashion’ brand.

The second major hurdle faced is convincing the potential customers to put in the extra cash for the sustainable fashion accessories. Not all customers may want to pay the premium price for sustainably-produced fashion accessories.

However, it has been noted that some of these hurdles can be simply overcome with the use of blockchain technology.

The Seattle-based shoe organization, Fuchsia utilizes blockchain platform Provenance to share insights concerning the laborers who hand-make their shoes in Pakistan. As indicated by a contextual investigation, the organization saw a 31 percent expansion in the number of individuals who visited its site and really made a buy. Independently, the examination noticed a 45 percent help in commitment on social stages only a half year subsequent to actualizing blockchain innovation.


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