Leather Products Are Directly Causing The Amazon Fires


The recent Amazon fire is not the only one. Near about 41,000 flames have been recorded by researchers in the Brazilian Amazon since the month of January, with the greater part of those in the previous three weeks – henceforth the whole-world destroying features. With every passing minute, one and a half football field worth of rainforest area is burned to make way for farms, factories, ranchlands and other forms of industrial establishments.

Prior this week, the design business made a move, like LVMH, the world’s top luxury products firm, swore €10m to battle the Amazon burn, adding to the $20m vowed by the G7 with President Macron as frontman.

This initiative is a little and a tad too late. At the current rate of depletion, it won’t be long before we have to permanently say goodbye to the lush rainforests which house an infinite array of flora and fauna which call the rainforests home.

This has been apparent for 10 years. In 2009, Greenpeace distributed Slaughtering the Amazon, a report that ought to have – and almost did – make a huge difference. The report inferred that the interest for calfskin was fuelling the decimation of the Amazon in its very own right, not only incidentally as a side-effect of hamburger. Analysts discovered dairy cattle farmers were clearing rainforest unlawfully regardless of laws securing it, including Brazil’s “backwoods code”. One hectare of rainforest was being lost to farms like clockwork. Through a dim store network, Brazilian meat organizations were providing calfskin to driving worldwide design brands and retailers, crosswise overvalue focuses and crosswise over retail showcases.


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