“Every Dark Cloud Has A Silver Lining”- A Quote Very Relevant To The Swedish Fashion Scene


It was pretty much a disaster for the people and a major blow to the fashion designers who were highly anticipating the Stockholm Fashion Week since it got called off.

It has been well over a month since the Swedish Fashion Council temporarily called it quits on Stockholm Fashion Week (SFW), noting the lack of sustainability as the primary cause. The three-day event would’ve taken place this week, if not for the cancellation.

And while it’s true that most of the city’s most well-known brands tend to show in more prominent fashion capitals, some of Sweden’s finest designers aren’t quite ready to give up on the city that made them.

Which, coincidentally, is a big reason for the current fashion week hiatus — Swedish designers believe they can change SFW for the better.

Designers are under constant pressure to produce more merchandise, and the traditional Fashion Week calendar doesn’t help. More thoughtful, albeit more thoughtful methods are being slowly fabricated.


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